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Dog-eTag™ - How It Works

What is a QR Code?

A Quick Response Code (QR Code) is a two dimensional bar-code that can be scanned from a smart phone. The code will make your phone do something, like send you to a website.

The QR Code on one side of the Dog-eTag™ would allow someone that found your dog (that has a smart phone) to scan the code and instantly have access to information about your dog. Such as multiple phone numbers, medical issues, whatever you want.

The other side of the tag can have other contact info such as your phone number. This allows someone who finds your dog to contact you using any phone.

What are the advantages?

  • You can store multiple contact information or you and other people you would want contacted if your pet was found.
  • Rabies, municipal licensing number, vet contacts and other info can be stored.
  • The tag has your phone number for someone who doesn’t have a smart phone. This eliminates the need to have two tags.
  • Change your pet’s contact info at any time. If you are on holidays and have left your dog with a sitter or a kennel, you can put the temporary contact info for where your dog is staying.
  • When the tag is scanned you will receive an immediate email alert letting you know the tag was scanned.
  • The tag can be used to show medications or health issues for your pet that need regular attention. This tag could easily save your dog's life if he were lost.

Does this tag replace micro-chipping?

No it does not. You should still have your pet micro-chipped if possible. This remains the single best insurance to ensure you get your pet home. But micro-chips can and do fail. Also, the scanners can fail too. Vets, shelters and the like, all have a variety of scanners that may not necessarily work on your pet's specific chip. In addition to the problems
with scanners for microchips, there is the unfortunate lack of ease in updating information on a pet's chip.

Also, a microchip won’t help you if someone 3 streets over finds your dog and wants to contact you. So you should always have your contact info on your dog’s tag. The Dog-eTag™ extends this and lets you provide more information and to change it.

Why the Dog-eTag™ and not another tag?
Pets that go missing can have their collar removed or go missing when they don’t have their tags. Your pet also may be scared and avoid people and capture. The Dog-eTag™ links to the HeLP network at Helping Lost Pets. If your pet goes missing our members in your area will be alerted via text messages and emails. We have members across North America with many that volunteer their time at shelters and pet rescues. We also support shelters and rescues though our on-line click contests.

Some of the many features of HeLP include:
  • It's map based, visual and FREE
  • Alerts are sent to you for lost and found pets in your area
  • Print a poster for your pet in minutes
  • Links to many shelters, rescues & pets for adoption
  • Search for pet services in your area
  • App available for Android Phones
We invite other QR Code Tag manufactures to contact us at to link their tags to our network. We want more pets home and want you to join and be part of this amazing network.


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